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Explore Limitless Integration: Extended ECM for Everything

Explore Limitless Integration: Extended ECM for Everything

Content Suite is an ideal platform to put at the center of your Digital Transformation strategy as it’s a hub for all your business content. However, you can’t just turn a blind eye to the other applications your organization maintains to stay competitive.

One of the most critical factors in enhancing business users’ productivity is streamlining the interaction they have with different platforms in order to find the information they need.

Connecting the (Digital) Dots

So how do you ensure business efficiency with Content Suite as the center of your content galaxy and the several applications revolving within it?

For today’s argonauts of the digital space, the answer is simple, but the challenges insidious: flexible system integration.

Lucky for us, OpenText provides the ideal launchpad with the Extended ECM platform: a robust connectivity layer that allows you to integrate Content Suite with your leading business applications. This way, users can work in the leading application while seamlessly accessing data from Content Suite.

In other words, you can make data available to the people that need it most, when they need it, in the leading application they prefer.

Currently, Extended ECM provides several pre-packaged integrations (ex: SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365, etc.), but the digital universe is vast and full of wonders.

So, what if you need to connect to other leading applications?

Looking Under the Hood

Let’s look closely at the Extended ECM Platform. Your business data travels across Content Suite and other leading applications by means of the Service Provider Interface Adapters (SPI Adapters).

To connect to a new application, a brand-new SPI Adapter needs to be developed. No big deal, right?

Although developing new SPI Adapters is possible, it takes significant time and effort. You can do so by using OScript, but that’s time-consuming and requires highly specialized skills.  Alternatively, you could use Java, but while it offers easier development compared to OScript, it does so at the cost of reduced capabilities.

Does this mean our digital transformation journey is going to take lightyears?

“Houston, We Have a Solution”

To help speed up the process, we’ve created Extended ECM for Everything, a new feature in Module Suite that allows you to expand the concept of Extended ECM to ANY leading application:

  • Rapidly create / update SPI Adapters using low-coding tools and without OScript
  • Easily repurpose existing adapters and configure them for other leading applications
  • Avoid system restarts and service interruptions when modifying adapters

The two key words to keep in mind are “easily” and “rapidly.”

For the business, this translates to being able to use seamless integrations within days of their request, thus benefit from an immediate boost to productivity.

UX that can benefit the Business 

Besides making it easier and faster to connect with leading applications, this new feature also allows you to fully personalize the Extended ECM widget to perfectly match the leading application’s UI.

Again, this can be done without the use of the SDK or custom developments.

Not only will you rev-up your integrations, but you can also create that delightful, frictionless look in the leading applications, so that users won’t even notice they are working with different platforms. But it doesn’t end here…

Expand the Event Center and its Actions

The Event Center is a key element of Extended ECM allowing Content Suite to be notified of events occurring on the leading application. This crucial feature allows business users to access information that is always up-to-date across systems. The Event Center also allows Content Suite to take automated actions when data changes on the leading applications. 

Extended ECM for Everything brings smart improvements to the Event Center too, helping you

  • Create new custom events for your newly connected leading applications
  • Define action plans that can interpret any parameter the leading application provides
  • Enact all sorts of reactions to events by triggering a custom script

Automatically Archive Documents

For Content Suite to remain the single source of truth of your content, documents that are present in the leading application can be transferred and archived within it. To do so, an Attachment Declaration needs to be configured to provide Content Suite with the right metadata to massively classify and archive the documents.

Thanks to Extended ECM for Everything, Attachment Declarations can be implemented without using OScript, again making this process much easier.

Your Gateway to Digital Transformation

Data is all around us. It’s exponentially growing with your business, as well as with the applications you use to create it.

This produces a two-fold challenge in managing and utilizing that data:

  1. Looking at the bigger picture (instead of the single platforms), there’s a pressing need to seamlessly connect systems so that they work well together and provide tangible benefits to the business.
  2. An organization must be able to respond quickly to the changing business needs or, in some cases, even anticipate them.

That’s why flexible system integrations are not an option anymore, they are simply required to bridge content silos, improve information lifecycle and accelerate business performance.

If Extended ECM offers the ideal launchpad for your Digital Transformation initiatives, Module Suite and its Extended ECM for Everything functionality provide the engine with which to accelerate your Digital Transformation journey. 

Test it for yourself: contact our Sales Team to discuss what Module Suite can do for you or request a tailored demo (

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