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Forum Functionality

Forum Functionality

AnswerConsulting’s innovative solution for elevating collaboration and project management within OpenText Extended ECM.

By integrating seamlessly with Extended ECM, the Forum functionality transforms project environments, enriching them with dynamic collaboration and advanced communication capabilities. This forum extends beyond traditional boundaries to:

  • Facilitate efficient communication and project management within a unified platform.
  • Enhance team collaboration through embedded forum functionalities within existing workflows.
  • Offer tailorable templates and powerful search capabilities for streamlined navigation.
  • Provide API-based extensions for enhanced forum functionality and flexibility.
  • Allow for detailed discussions with object-driven conversations linked to specific project elements.

Key Features

Key Benefits:

Forum Functionality for Extended ECM empowers you to:

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AnswerConsulting helps organizations do more with their existing ECM platform by leveraging Extended ECM and Module Suite, providing technology and services that enable smart business processes and improve efficiency.