Module Suite

We invented the smartest way to boost OpenText
Content Suite & Extended ECM

Multiple awards later, we've perfected it

Meet Module Suite

The most successful digital transformation enabler and accelerator
for OpenText Extended ECM on and off Cloud

Say Hello to More & Better

Module Suite is a collection of tools that allows you to easily enhance and tailor your ECM platform, making it the best it can be.
Module Suite enhances Extended ECM around the same pillars that determine a successful digital application:


Module Suite’s Beautiful Webforms is the most advanced technology for the creation of forms and form-based applications on OpenText Content Suite / Extended ECM.

Leverage forms in any kind of process or automation and gain full control over data processing!

Get it all done. Quickly.

Module Suite gives you the power to design & deploy custom features or solutions visually
 while writing clear & robust code for you

Use hassle-free tools to build what users need, when they need it:

Say bye to messy codes, complex Oscript, or WebReports. 

Uniquely Agile

Module Suite integrates seamlessly with your current Extended ECM environment so you won’t need to change your IT infrastructure.

Moreover, it doesn’t provide limited configuration-based features like other solutions on the market. Anything you create with Module Suite can be easily personalized using common programming languages, so you can let your imagination run free!

Boosts in quality you can feel

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Acceleration in projects' delivery

perceived when implementing   projects with Module Suite

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Reduction in costs and efforts

usually needed to implement     projects on Extended ECM

The only add-on you'll ever need

 Discover a new level of autonomy to be more ambitious in your ECM projects


Maximized ROI

Module Suite lets you extend your platform’s use cases, thereby maximizing your initial ECM investment

Boosted Adoption

Tailored UX and business logic will help you create habit-forming solutions that boost productivity


Accelerated Delivery

Module Suite helps you work smarter and faster thanks to modern, agile tools so you won’t have to depend on coding


Growing Value

Module Suite offers regular product & feature releases so you can always respond to users’ needs as the business evolves

Awards & Certifications

OpenText Solution Extension Partner of the Year 2020

OpenText Solution Extension Partner of the Year 2021

First third-party technology certified for OpenText Cloud