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Dgtal Courier


Dgtal Courier

Optimization of Corporate Correspondence in a digital environment

Solution implemented with Module Suite by Avvale (previously known as Techedge), a partner of AnswerModules

Correspondance management implies full control of official physical and electronic communications in a compliant, efficient and system-integrated way.

By leveraging Module Suite’s capabilities, our trusted partner Avvale implemented Dgtal Courier, a Correspondence Management solution that allows for the creation, management, distribution and filing of correspondence within Extended ECM.

Dgtal Courier is composed of three main functionalities:

Electronic Correspondence Management

Organizations need an efficient solution to have control over the electronic communications sent/received, in order to ensure information transparency, consistency and avoid losing track of the correspondence flow.

Dgtal Courier allows you to create, assign, and manage official communications safely, while tracing and filing them properly within your ECM platform.

The key challenges addressed by the solution are:

  • Digitization of correspondence processes and repositories for paper reduction
  • Transparency and consistency during the entire correspondence lifecycle
  • Confidential communication compliance
  • Access to a handy application for internal and external users to give them control over the communications sent and received
  • Track of each correspondence sent and received thanks to a unique filing number with a special barcode

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Physical Correspondence

Organizations need an efficient solution to optimize and digitize physical correspondence management. With Dgtal Courier, front-desk users will be allowed to file communications directly inside Extended ECM, as well as distribute them effortlessly, in order to have full control over the physical correspondence sent and received.

The key challenges addressed by the solution are:

  • Digitization of physical correspondence
  • Easier distribution of physical correspondence within the company
  • Easy delivery of correspondence to external recipients
  • Effortless elimination of undelivered or mistaken correspondence
  • Track of any correspondence sent and received through a unique filing number with a special barcode

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Administration and Management section

Dgtal Courier provides Administrators the means to manage company correspondence in a more agile, simple and efficient way, in order to optimize search times and guarantee the successful flow of communications according to each company’s needs.

Administrators will be able to:

  • Manage and bulk upload Managed lists (Departments, companies, correspondence front desks, physical locations, cities)
  • Manage system parameters to customize forms, templates and emails of the system, as well as the metadata of the communications
  • Cancel communications by generating a PDF and allowing to attach supporting documents
  • Configure exceptions to send copies of communications according to subject categories and delegations to reassign communications to users
  • Configure business rules to audit communications based on the recipient’s department or the sending company.

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Key Features

Module Suite was the enabling technology that allowed Techedge to implement such a smart solution.

As the most successful digital transformation enabler and accelerator for Extended ECM & Content Suite, Module Suite makes it easy to digitize existing business processes and create new digitally native business solutions on top of ECM platforms.

The Module Suite’s key points leveraged to build this solution are:

Enhance the standard form framework so that the resulting forms go beyond their basic function of data collection and allow users to create, render and approve electronic correspondence, as well as file, distribute and manage the physical correspondence.

Expose forms to external users so they can send, receive communication and access data, thereby allowing internal and external users to collaborate effortlessly while keeping track of external correspondence flows

Extend standard workflow functionalities by adding more capabilities as to automate and streamline communication approval and distribution processes.

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Avvale helps companies embrace the circular economy and transform into digital, sustainable leaders by leveraging technological innovation.

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