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!NEW Extension for Extended ECM for Engineering by Module Suite

!NEW Extension for Extended ECM for Engineering by Module Suite

Module Suite is a continuously evolving and improving solution aimed at enhancing Extended ECM capabilities and maximizing the platform’s potential.

As part of the latest 3.6 release, Module Suite incorporates additional functionalities specifically designed for OpenText Extended ECM for Engineering. These functionalities are not a separate SKU but are entirely part of the Suite. 

In this first article, that will be shortly followed by a second part, we have distilled some of the key ones. 

You’ll find short videos showcasing the functionality, each accompanied by a brief explanatory paragraph highlighting the feature. These videos provide just a glimpse of the countless personalization options offered by this Extension.

The Extension can be tailored to flexibly meet specific requirements and unique business needs, allowing for ad-hoc configurations.

Empowered Dashboards

Dashboards can be fully tailored to showcase essential insights at a glance, offering an intuitive way to engage with data by streamlining navigation, filtering, organization, queries, and visualization. Dedicated Tabs grant access to data on master projects, individual projects, transmittals, recipients, state flows, and document revisions.

Dynamic charts deliver live updates on transmittal statuses, creation dates, and due dates. A versatile widget allows to move, re-order and drag&drop columns, as to seamlessly group and download results according to the filters applied.

Action buttons empower users to download specific documents (such as load sheets and cover sheets), while also ensuring interconnectedness among crucial data (e.g., relationships between recipients and transmittals, related transmittal documents, etc.).

Moreover, a specific Business Workspace Updater dashboard lets users actively monitor workspace updates and statuses in real time, tracking progress from Draft to Completed stages.

If you’re not familiar with it, the Business Workspace Updater is an extremely intuitive tool – already available within the previous Module Suite versions – that allows to push updates from workspace templates to existing workspace instances, ensuring an effortless and transparent management of the different Workspaces architecture. 

Update operations include add, edit, remove folders and roles, as well as editing users and permissions.

Transmittal Management

Users can effortlessly update or generate a new transmittal directly within the designated document section, without ever leaving the document interface.

Upon selection of one or more documents, a dedicated form promptly appears, empowering users to take necessary actions:

  • Update existing transmittal: Seamlessly link multiple documents to a transmittal with a single click, significantly expediting the process.

  • Create new transmittal: The system can automate the entire process of creating and sending a new transmittal, greatly streamlining the work of business users and their interactions with the platform.

    The form guides the user through the required information. Once delivery method and recipients are chosen, the form is submitted, and the transmittal simultaneously created and sent. Users can then track transmittal delivery status within the transmittal Business Workspace and receive notifications upon successful delivery.

Additionally, the document interface provides visibility into corresponding transmittals, letting users navigate between documents and their related transmittals’ workspaces for smoother coordination and management.

Revolutionary Mass Document Updates

One of the most intriguing functionalities is the Mass Document Updates feature. With an Excel-like widget, users gain the power to effortlessly modify document details by manually replacing, copying/pasting, or dragging content across various fields. A simple click on ‘Update’ is all it takes to save your changes!

The set of additional functionalities powered by Module Suite doesn’t stop here… Stay tuned for the upcoming second part of the article! In the meantime, feel free to reach out and request a demo if you’d like more information.

In the meantime, if you would like to receive more information, do not hesitate to contact us to request a demo.

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