Module Suite FAQs

Below you’ll find the answers to the commonly raised questions on the Module Suite

Module Suite is fully compatible with both legacy and current versions of OpenText Extended ECM such as: v10, v10.5, v16, v16.2.x, v20.2, till the latest version v.23.2.

The Module Suite technology is certified for OpenText Cloud Edition and works with both the ClassicUI and the Smart View interfaces.

The Module Suite is a fully integrated add-on software for OpenText Extended ECM & Content Suite. This means it has a zero IT footprint and it won’t impact your current architecture (doesn’t require any additional Servers, CPUs or memory).

Also, Module Suite is not dependant on any other module (for example: WebReports).

Module Suite is a low-coding technology that does not require any knowledge of OScript / other proprietary languages.

Module Suite only leverages industry-standard programming languages and well documented libraries (e.g. Javascript, CSS, Groovy)

Any customization or application created with Module Suite will be preserved when moving through the OpenText Extended ECM & Content Suite upgrade path. This is true for both minor and major upgrades.

The Module Suite add-on is installed within a matter of hours on your existing OpenText Extended ECM & Content Suite platform.

It only takes about 5 days for resources (e.g. developers) to become fully trained on the Module Suite and master all of its tools. In that time, developers will become 100% autonomous so they can continue to utilize the software on their own. Further specialist training is provided if needed.

New product releases, extensions & upgrades of the Module Suite are provided on a quarterly basis.

Customers who have purchased the full Module Suite are automatically eligible to update to the latest version.

This means the Module Suite provides a technology whose value grows over time, offering an ever-increasing collection of tools to meet current & future requirements on OpenText Extended ECM & Content Suite.

There are various different Licensing Models according to your specific business needs. The most common agreement is named-user licences. A Module Suite named user is any OpenText Extended ECM & Content Suite user that is somehow benefiting or leveraging the Module Suite’s technology.

This means the entire Content Suite & Extended ECM population does not need to be licensed. Customers can choose to license only a specific department, group of users etc. If the application involves users outside of OpenText Extended ECM & Content Suite, these external users will not require a license.

Named-user licences are one-time fee.

A dedicated web ticketing system is available to all Customers: Support.

This portal provides access to: Product(s) service packs, updates, new versions & patches, an extensive Knowledge Base, support from our Technical Consultants (including direct access to AnswerModules’ R&D team)

Module Suite Trial Licences are available upon request and following a qualification of your specific needs.

Trial Licences are temporary licences that will remain valid for the number of days specified in your trial agreement.

If you still can’t find an answer to your question, please drop us an email and we’ll be in touch.

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Module Suite is a collection of low-coding tools that allows to tailor and enhance OpenText™ Extended ECM to individual needs. It can be used to create any customization or fully-fledged application on top of your ECM platform, covering all needs in terms of UI, data management, automation & more