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Unlocking Smart View potential

Unlocking Smart View potential

Did you know that OpenText is now developing most new features for the Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms around the Smart View UI? This delivers increased productivity and faster access to any information that users need to get their job done.

However when adopting Smart View there might be some hurdles, and we at AnswerModules know very well the primary challenges you’re facing:

  • You need to implement requirements on Smart View but don’t have the technical expertise or you are under a time-constraint
  • You need a way of introducing in Smart View the Classic UI functionality which is not yet available, otherwise end-users are having to regularly switch between the two UIs.
  • You need to streamline the migration of existing applications towards Smart View

To help overcome these, and other, challenges with minimal effort we’ve introduced Smart Pages – the first low-coding solution dedicated to crafting Enterprise Application UIs on Content Suite and Extended ECM. Smart Pages is an integrated add-on module which has been designed natively for Smart View.

Smart Pages: the unique solution to all your Smart View requirements

  • Efficiently create modern and productive UIs for your business applications with less effort and costs 
  • Allow even non-technical users to create and maintain UIs through business friendly tools 
  • Adopt an Agile development approach through your project’s entire lifecycle
  • Boost the adoption of your business applications within Smart View
  • Increase the value of your Content Suite and Extended ECM investment by enriching the platforms’ standard functionality

Let your imagination go wild

By leveraging Smart Pages you could create interactive wizards and forms that capture data directly from users within a Content Suite space. You could build live sales dashboards that connect customer folders to Salesforce and include account, contact or opportunity information within the same view. Or you could create manufacturing books and SoP’s that pull the latest information directly from BOMs and documents within Content Suite or SAP. These are just some examples of the endless solutions for which Smart Pages can be efficiently leveraged.

In the context of Extended ECM, Smart Pages provides the ability to apply and maintain a coherent UI when your tailored solutions are utilized within leading applications such as SAP, SharePoint and Salesforce.

Just like the rest of our technology, a low-coding approach is possible thanks to an extensive library of pre-packaged drag&drop components which can be quickly configured to specific requirements. A reusable component architecture provides you with the ability to easily extend the library as your needs grow thereby increasing the value of your investment.

Smart Pages is an integral part of Module Suite, our flagship product for creating tailored business applications on Content Suite and Extended ECM. Thanks to this new addition Module Suite truly becomes “the only add-on solution you’ll ever need”. 

Want to discuss how your organization can benefit from Smart Pages? Feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible:

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