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Some customer success stories presented during AMUG 2022

Some customer success stories presented during AMUG 2022

The second edition of AnswerModules User Group, which took place last September in Paris, was a great opportunity to learn how organizations leverage Module Suite in their ECM projects.

Among the different speakers and panelists, our esteemed customers were also present to tell their stories. We couldn’t be more grateful and would like to share them with those that couldn’t attend the event.

Black Sea Trade and Development Bank: A true pioneer in the Content Suite space

Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSDTB) is an international financial institution with headquarters in Greece, that supports economic development and regional cooperation in the Black Sea Region.

BSTDB is an early-adopter in the Content Suite space and on several occasions was also the first organization to leverage the latest features released by OpenText. This pioneering attitude is also driven by the strong desire to provide its business users with the best possible experience.

Smart Solution for the Legal Department
Connecting different sources and creating intelligent forms

The solid collaboration between BSTDB and AnswerModules began several years ago, when BSTDB needed to streamline the bulk transfer and the categorization of 15000+ legal documents from a file system to Content Suite. To get rid of this cumbersome import process, Module Suite was leveraged to create a script that would extensively automate the process.

The script’s flexibility allowed for the accommodation of imperfect data coming from heterogeneous sources, such as the file system or Excel files. In addition, Module Suite was used to create a high-productivity form. Through this form and its dynamic form fields, data validation, and smart-entry data automation, end-users could process new documents in just a few clicks.

15000+ documents ingested and stored per legal operation workspace
after getting specific classification

A published webform connected with Content Suite

Leveraging Module Suite’s capabilities was crucial also when it came to a Bank’s Audit Committee request. They needed a mechanism for their potential customers to submit their business proposals on the bank’s website.

Since some proposals would have been first accepted and then financed, they needed to be connected to the related lending operations and assigned to the specific banking team in charge of their monitoring.

Thanks to Module Suite, BSTDB was able to develop and publish the webform on the website and allow customers to register their business proposals. Upon registration, a dedicated workspace was created in Content Suite.

Moreover, through an intuitive set of dashboards the bank’s teams could keep track of each step of the proposal’s evaluation and the relevant content, as well as monitor the process execution with alerts for overdue tasks.

Dynamic interactive dashboards

The solution was initially implemented on the previously called Case Workspaces. Since BSTDB was one of the first organizations to adopt Business Workspaces as part of their upgrade to Content Suite v16, a key hurdle was the migration from the existing 2,000 Case Workspaces to new Business Workspaces.

The only way forward seemed to be a time-consuming laborious manual migration, but once again, Module Suite satisfied BSTDB’s needs: an automated tool was created to quickly complete the migration, thus allowed BSTDB to continue the planned Content Suite v16 upgrade.

Connected Workspace Updater

BSTDB often needed to deploy changes in the folder hierarchy and permission settings in almost 5,000 Business Workspaces. Modifications to the Business Workspace template would have reflected the new workspaces, but not the existing ones. Therefore, a solution was needed to apply the required changes and avoid the manual modification of all workspaces.

The Connected Workspaces Updater, an intuitive tool powered by Module Suite, allowed BSTDB to push updates from workspace templates to existing workspace instances in a fraction of time it would have been necessary to update them manually.

Future projects with Module Suite

During their presentation in Paris, BSTDB gave a quick overview on their future projects including updating a custom application for the capturing and managed of operations specific content.   Module Suite will be the go-to solution for this challenging project in order to introduce new capabilities such as document generation, business process management, dashboard control etc.

CMA CGM Group and their Extended ECM revamp

The CMA CGM Group is a world leader in maritime, land, air and logistics solutions, serving more than 420 ports across the globe with a fleet of 580 vessels. The Group is at the forefront of digital innovation in its sector and leverages OpenText Extended ECM to centralize, manage and store all valuable content in one place.

To meet end-users’ changing expectations in terms of user interface and functionality, CMA CGM needed a revamp of the platform. At the same time, CMA CGM wanted to implement a solution for dynamically managing users’ rights and permissions.

CMA CGM also wished to decommission a custom tool previously created for the management of physical records to implement it directly within Extended ECM and connect the electronic and the physical archives management.

As CMA CGM well illustrated during their presentation, Module Suite was the key component that allowed to fully personalize the Extended ECM platform: Module Suite’s ability to enhance forms led the customer to brilliantly manage user permissions and access. An intelligent form was introduced which dynamically displayed results and adapted rights according to the corporate domains the users’ belonged to.

By enhancing the standard interfaces and adding new features CMA CGM could deliver solutions that perfectly met the needs of business users, ensure better data quality and ultimately improving user productivity. CMA CGM also optimized the management of both physical and electronic documents making them easily available for consultation while always ensuring secure access to information.

Since its first adoption, every new project has been built with Module Suite, confirming how its capabilities of enhancing and expanding the platform functionalities can be applied to countless scenarios and meet any business requirement.

United Nations Industrial Development Organization: Streamlining a workflow process

Our esteemed partner Doctra ECM Consulting presented the case of our mutual customer United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

Module Suite was leveraged to improve and streamline a workflow designed to collect compliance statements, the Financial Disclosure and Declaration of Interests (FDDI), from all employees.

Intelligent web forms guided users through the correct completion of the FDDI. From the form data, Module Suite allowed UNIDO to programmatically generate documents in Word or PDF format, and automatically file them in the relevant employee’s Business Workspace. It also implemented a strong permission system to enable only authorized users to access and review the collected data, report on submission status, and automate follow-up.

As a result:

  • Users needed less time to complete the input and made fewer errors;
  • Support effort was significantly reduced by eliminating the need for client software to edit workflow-attached Word documents;
  • Testing was simplified because the re-engineered workflow was more compact and had fewer steps, while retaining all existing business logic;
  • The supervising office could easily track status and identify priorities for verification.

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