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Module Suite: your way to effortlessly move to the OpenText Cloud

Module Suite: your way to effortlessly move to the OpenText Cloud

Over the last few years, Cloud migration has dramatically increased worldwide.

This growth is mostly ascribed to the four main needs that a Cloud solution responds to:

  • Flexibility. For enterprises to quickly change plans and adapt to changing business needs.
  • Innovation. For easy and efficient app modernization, new solution deployment, additional value to applications, and consequent productivity boost.
  • Cost savings. For companies to benefit from economies of scale, outsource various operations and be more cost-effective, by leveraging the cloud as a subscription-based service.
  • Resilience.  For companies to withstand disruption, with a secure, future-proof solution. By running ECM applications in the cloud, in fact, company information will be accessible by users anywhere at any time, downtime minimized, and business risks limited.

When moving to the Cloud, companies should definitely consider adopting OpenText Cloud: Built around a framework that delivers resilient, scalable and flexible cloud services, OpenText Cloud is the ideal solution to meet any customers’ primary need. By providing customers with platform, infrastructure and application support, its 100% end-to-end approach offers a great advantage over competitors.

However, since it addresses highly diversified requirements of companies coming from different industries, it might be difficult to satisfy all the various needs just with the “standard” OT Cloud version.

As a matter of fact, some companies actually need to adapt their cloud service to meet specific business requirements, or to move to the OT Cloud while keeping all the customizations previously developed on-premises.

This is where our flagship product, Module Suite, comes into play.

As discussed by OpenText during our AnswerModules User Group (AMUG) last September in Paris, Module Suite is a great way to support customers moving to the cloud.

Module Suite is the first 3rd party solution to be certified for OT Cloud on both VM and containerized deployments. It enables you to re-engineer existing customizations to be effortlessly moved to the Cloud, while enabling the implementation of your own tailored solutions to meet changing business needs.

A real example of Module Suite in the Cloud

A customer case of how Module Suite and OpenText Cloud have been successfully combined to achieve the ideal cloud solution for the customer, was presented by OpenText during AMUG.

The IT Division of a regional government in Canada needed to provide bespoke solutions to a number of entities and ministries. To meet the necessary regulations and governance requirements, and securely manage information, OpenText Extended ECM was adopted as the information platform and deployed in a containerized cloud environment.

But to quickly satisfy incoming business requirements, the IT Division needed an “application factory” to bootstrap applications and Module Suite was chosen as the accelerator to implement it. 

Thanks to Module Suite, the IT Division could be focused on delivering valuable tailored solutions to the business users, while benefiting from a service a totally managed by OpenText.

Module Suite tangible benefits

The benefits provided by Module Suite  in the context of OpenText Cloud can be summarized in 3 main points:

  1. It allows to decommission your customizations and therefore facilitate the transition to the Cloud;
  2. It enables to revamp existing solutions and easily deliver new ones;
  3. It helps reduce the management costs by replacing customizations with cloud-friendly solutions.

With Module Suite, moving to the OpenText Cloud has never been easier!

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