How to accelerate digital transformation on Extended ECM with Module Suite

How to accelerate digital transformation on Extended ECM with Module Suite

Many organizations are embarking in digital transformation initiatives and find themselves in different stages of this journey.   

If you’re reading this, it’s a fair assumption that you’ve made OpenText Extended ECM or Content Suite an integral part of your digital transformation strategy.

Being enterprise grade platforms, they have been designed to fundamentally meet universal ECM requirements. However, they also have the capacity to become the platforms on which to digitalize all your unique business processes and deliver highly efficient solutions to end-users.  Due to their nature, they possess three key characteristics that make them an ideal platform for digitization:    

  • They are utilized throughout your organization;
  • They are the single source of truth of your digital content and are primed to house your current non-digital content as well;
  • They have out-of-the-box capabilities that are the natural foundation of any digital process. (Ex: permissions, metadata, forms, workflows, etc.).

Before diving into how you can best leverage your Extended ECM or Content Suite platform to drive digital transformation, let’s take a quick look at what characterizes a great digital business process.

Even though every business process is unique, there are four recurring elements of successful ones:

  • Smart Automation: a highly automated process leads to an increased productivity, reduction of human errors and increased adoption by end-users;
  • Limitless Integration: the more a process is integrated with other systems, the more your business information flows effortlessly and can be easily utilized;
  • Business—focused UX: the best way of driving productivity is by creating a process that is functionally rich yet has a user-experience that is intuitive and contextualized to your users’ needs;
  • Speed & Flexibility: even the best digital processes fail unless they are delivered on-time and can evolve as the business needs change.

So how do you best leverage your ECM platform to implement successful digital processes?

The Answer(Modules) is simple…

The trusted side-kick for your digital transformation journey

This is where Module Suite comes into play. As the most successful digital transformation enabler and accelerator for Extended ECM & Content Suite, Module Suite makes it easy to digitize existing business processes and create new digitally native business solutions on top of your ECM platform.

Module Suite enhances Extended ECM & Content Suite around the same pillars that determine a successful digital process.

Smart Automation

First of all, it allows you to introduce Smart Automation to anything and everywhere within Extended ECM & Content Suite. You’ll be able to automate any task, chain of actions or events regardless of their complexity, thereby improving end-user productivity and reducing the risk of human errors.

This example is typical of the automations easily implemented thanks to Module Suite: With one click the system is creating a new Business Workspace, establishing the business relationships, adding team members to the workspace, creating documents, sharing those documents through different means and creating a bespoke task list.

It’s a complex chain of events that is all happening in the background but to the end-user it was just a one-click interaction.

Limitless Integration

Business information needs to flow seamlessly between different systems in order to facilitate informed decision making as well as reduce redundant data. Module Suite makes it easy and convenient to integrate Extended ECM or Content Suite with any other systems, applications or data sources.

This is especially true with the Extended ECM for Everything feature. With Module Suite it’s now easy, fast and cost-effective to create new Extended ECM connectors for any leading applications which don’t have an out-of-the-box integration available. If you want to know more about Extended ECM for Everything, we’ve recently published a dedicated article here.  

Business – focused UX

Having a business-centric UX is fundamental to any process as it improves end-user adoption as well as productivity. This is another area in which Module Suite excels thanks to its form and user interface capabilities.

Module Suite enhances the standard form framework so that the resulting forms go beyond their basic function of data collection. Forms created with Module Suite can guide users’ inputs and act upon the submitted information as they are characterized by dynamic fields, automations, strong validations and integration with other systems. In short, forms can become the primary interface through which end-users interact with any process, workflow or application

By leveraging Module Suite, it’s also possible to take a low-coding approach to personalizing the standard UI or creating be-spoke interfaces, menu items or dashboards that are contextualized to the specific business need at hand. 

Speed & Flexibility

Last but not least, Speed & Flexibility are the keywords that describe how Module Suite stands out in its role of digital transformation accelerator.

Module Suite provides class-leading tools and technology to deliver tailored business solutions in a fraction of the time it normally takes. This is thanks to the fact that Module Suite has been built around a low-code approach and does not utilize any proprietary languages. Part of the low-code approach means having a large library of ready-to-configure components so that you are never starting a new project from scratch.

Furthermore, solutions that are built with Module Suite are future-proof, as they can easily be modified to keep up with ever changing business needs.

Do more, with less effort and deliver the best results

Although the digital transformation journey is a continuous one, by leveraging your ECM platform and Module Suite you’ll be able to take leaps forward in this journey.

Not only will Module Suite boost your digital transformation, but since you can implement digital business solutions on the same platform in which you manage your business content, you’ll be effectively increasing the platform’s ROI at the same time.

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