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How Module Suite lets you decommission your custom developments on OpenText Extended ECM

How Module Suite lets you decommission your custom developments on OpenText Extended ECM

You’ve chosen OpenText Extended ECM as a pillar of your digital transformation journey.

And you’ve made the right choice. Extended ECM is the ideal platform on which to digitize your current (and future) business processes and help your organization make a leap forward in this journey.

However, since it addresses very heterogeneous requirements of companies coming from different industries, it might be difficult to satisfy all the various needs just with the “standard” version of the platform.

Therefore, creating your OWN business solutions can give you a competitive advantage and be the game-changer in a business world characterized by an accelerated rate of change.

Personalizations… a one-way street?

Tailoring Extended ECM becomes essential if you have to meet your unique business requirements, but most of the time it implies custom developments.

And when speaking of custom developments, two things can never be left out.

First, a technical aspect:

What do I need to implement my customizations? How long does it take for my developments to be implemented?

Developing your customizations can be challenging. Even to create the simplest menu interface, you’ll need to request an additional module, develop, implement and then deploy it. Lastly, you’ll have to implement the business logic to display it precisely where end-users need it.

The second aspect to focus on is costs:

Does my team have the necessary skills to implement such customizations, or should I ask an external resource to implement them? What is the effort needed to keep my customizations up to date?

As a matter of fact, custom developments often equal costs. (Foreseeable) Costs to find and invest in the right resources to implement the business solutions, as well as (hidden) costs in terms of time and effort needed for their development and future maintainability.  

On top of that, once a new version of Extended ECM is released you must verify that the functionalities behind your customizations have not been deprecated or somehow modified and, if so, you’ll have to adapt your custom developments accordingly. This will entail additional time, additional effort and…. yes, additional costs.

In short, when it comes to custom developments, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) skyrockets… so, how can you implement your personalizations, without compromising on the upgrades on your ECM platform, while reducing its TCO?

One solution, countless benefits

Module Suite is the most successful digital transformation enabler and accelerator allowing you to implement tailored business solutions in the easiest and fastest possible way.

Whatever your requirements may be, you won’t need to deploy any custom module(s) with Module Suite.

Less code. Less worries. More results.

Module Suite doesn’t use any proprietary language (i.e. WebReports or OScript) and adopts a low-coding approach therefore making accessible to a much wider audience. With minimal training almost any somewhat technical resources will be able to implement solutions or personalization on Extended ECM (…Try creating a form, it’s a child’s play!)

IT teams will be able to easily implement any business solution or process, no matter how complex they may be and how much business logic there’s behind them, ultimately satisfying many more business need.

Moreover, you don’t have to redeploy or restart the system each time a change is made.

Sounds nice, but what if I upgrade to the latest version of the platform

Module Suite is a future-proof solution, meaning that your personalizations will continue to work even in the newest versions of your ECM platform.

Moreover, if you’re wondering what happens to your personalizations when moving on the Cloud, the answer is NOTHING. AnswerModules was the first OpenText partner to be certified for the Cloud, which implies that solutions built with Module Suite are also cloud ready.

Bet on personalization and accelerate your digital transformation

Tailoring your Extended ECM platform is more often than not necessary if you want to accelerate your digital transformation journey.

Reengineering your current customizations and developing future ones with Modules Suite can mean cutting development efforts and costs up to 80%, while increasing end-user satisfaction at the same percentage (Information based on an AnswerModules customer survey).

So, what are you waiting for? Let your custom developments take flight with Module Suite!

If you would like to discuss how to decommission your custom developments with Module Suite, feel free to contact AnswerConsulting, our sister company. Its team of experts is always available to support you in your project implementation. (


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