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Get More Projects Done on Content Suite and increase its ROI

Get More Projects Done on Content Suite and increase its ROI

OpenText’s Content Suite and Extended ECM (CSP for short) are by far the industry-leading ECM platforms, and they can become even better resources when paired with the right extensions.

This article will briefly explain why investing and adopting Module Suite is a financially astute choice in any ECM strategy and one that will bear its future in both the short and long term. 

Why allocate budget to Module Suite?

Module Suite is the only low-code Business Solution Enabler that empowers organizations to rapidly create tailored applications & processes on CSP. It does so by enhancing every fundamental facet of the platform including Forms, Workflows, UIs, Automations, and Integrations.

What’s truly unique about Module Suite is its ability to help you obtain greater value from your CSP platform by expanding the breadth and depth of how it’s utilized, ultimately safeguarding your initial ECM investment.

To put it briefly, Module Suite lets you:

Satisfy more requirements -> Streamline business processes -> Make users happier -> Increase adoption -> Boost CSP’s ROI!

But let’s see what this all means from our customers’ point of view.

What have Module Suite customers achieved?

Below are 3 testimonials from customers in different industries, explaining how they have leveraged Module Suite to do more, with less effort, and deliver better results compared to any other custom development (such as OScript/ WebReports).  

CMA-CGM: Meeting the business’ needs

CMA CGM needed to modernize a few existing business applications in order to better meet the end-users’ expectations. The business brought forward different requirements which could not be implemented utilizing xECM standard capabilities. Therefore Module Suite was adopted as the enabling technology to truly personalize the xECM platform to CMA CGM’s specific needs.

Module Suite was leveraged to implement UIs that were 100% on the Smart View which included modern forms; implement advanced  search functions ; dynamically managed roles & access to improve security and seamlessly integrated an external repository to ensure data accuracy

“We were new to xECM and as our business users’ requests increased, we realized that Module Suite was going to become essential as it really allowed us to customize the tool as closely as possible to our needs…Module Suite let us  achieve what we wanted …we are now better aligned to business users’ requests, and people’s productivity has improved because of that”

Laboratoires Boiron: Improving maintainability

Boiron leveraged Module Suite for different purposes including the improvement of workflow capabilities and to guarantee future maintainability of their tailored solutions

Prior to adopting Module Suite, Boiron implemented an extremely large workflow for a core business function. The workflow was characterized by a substantial number of steps and complexity which increased the possibility of system errors and blocking issues.

Using Module Suite, they turned the 200+ step workflow into a 4-step workflow with added functionality! The reduction in steps was made possible thanks to Module Suite’s Event script efficiently combining different business logic into one step. While the added functionality (including forms and automations)  boosted end-user productivity.

The low-code methodology offered by Module Suite doesn’t just mean speed in solutions deployment. It also means future-proof maintainability:

“When we have an issue, it’s now easier to determine where the problem is happening and what is the origin of the bug, but also easier to fix it because Module Suite leverages common programming languages and a linear, low amount of code for every project”

Black Sea Trade & Development Bank (BSTDB): Eliminating time intensive tasks

BSTDB needed to push updates from workspace templates to existing workspace instances. Doing so with the standard tools would require copious amounts of manual time & effort. Instead, BSTDB utilized a tool powered by Module Suite to automate the process with just a few clicks, saving days of work. 

“To avoid the manual update of > 2000 workspaces, we considered writing our own script, but even that would have required too much effort (custom dev., testing, production…) plus, the script would have worked for that one time only. What we needed was a neutral tool for any update job without having to depend on coding.

The tool created with Module Suite, instead, totally streamlines the management of existing Connected Workspaces. We didn’t expect such a utility to be so solid and user-friendly. It’s just too good to be true”

The 4 reasons why you’ll never regret investing in Module Suite

To recap, Module Suite will increase your Content Suite or Extended ECM overall ROI because of:

  1. Broader use-cases to address any business requirement that may come up
  2. Reduced TCO by ensuring future maintainability and smooth upgrades
  3. Increase User Productivity by providing the right solution to specific need
  4. Create future proof solutions that are Cloud ready

Moreover, it is a growing technology! Every quarter, a new version of Module Suite is released bringing even more features to the show. This means, you’ll never build anything from scratch, and you’ll always have the most up-to-date tools and technology at your disposal to tackle ever-changing business needs.

Earmarking some of your IT budget to this award-winning technology simply means…

a one-time investment, a lifetime of benefits!

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