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Accelerate your Cloud journey with Module Suite

Accelerate your Cloud journey with Module Suite

Cloud technology is a crucial asset for organizations that want to accelerate their digital transformation strategy, as it responds to the modern needs of scalability, high application performance and efficiency. That’s why it’s time to rethink “cloud first” to “cloud now”, and OpenText Extended ECM Cloud Edition can expertly guide you on this important journey and help you reach your cloud destination. 

Indeed, the reasons for adopting a cloud solution are plentiful, but the main goals you’re probably aiming at when considering moving to the OpenText Cloud can be summarized in:

SAVE COSTSFirst and foremost, moving to the cloud implies reducing all those infrastructure costs usually required by an on-premises solution, as well as the service and resources costs to manage, support and optimize the ECM solution. 

OPTIMIZE IN-HOUSE RESOURCESWhat’s more, software upgrades are no longer your responsibility. Cloud managed service solutions let you free and reallocate your internal IT staff – previously dedicated to routine management and support activities – as to focus on higher value business activities.

DELIVER VALUE TO END-USERSAdopting a Cloud solution also means making sure your business users work with the latest version of their ECM solutions and always access the greatest and most powerful features, thereby improving their satisfaction and boosting productivity.

While some vendors offer infrastructure support only, and others only provide platform and infrastructure, OpenText Cloud offers a complete end-to-end solution: by managing every element of your OpenText Cloud solution, including applications, cloud infrastructure, managed service operations and more, OpenText provides the most comprehensive approach to deliver content-centric business solutions through all layers of the solution stack – from infrastructure and platform services to the business layer. 

Module Suite, your cherry on top

The same reasons that lead you to choose Extended ECM for your cloud transition, will be leading you to rely on Module Suite to accelerate this transition and further expand the Cloud benefits.

Why Module Suite is coherent with your “Cloud-now” strategy?

Module Suite has been the first Extended ECM add-on solution certified by OT for their own Cloud deployments. It provides the means to quickly create tailored applications and personalize Extended ECM to meet unique business requirements.

As it does not use proprietary languages and adopts a low-coding approach, it allows to accelerate the delivery of projects up to 80%*, while reducing the costs and time needed for implementation by the same percentage. 

Besides making new projects implementation faster and smoother, Module Suite is also extensively utilized by on-premises customers that wish to decommission existing custom legacy solutions and make the platform ready for the most cost-effective and effortless lift-and-shift migration to the Cloud.

Moreover, due to the additional capabilities that Module Suite brings but also to the cost-efficiency that customers gain, Module Suite can support the implementation of back-logged projects, so that 90%* of customers declare they are “unlocking” new use-cases on top of Extended ECM by leveraging Module Suite.

(*Information based on an AnswerModules customer survey).

Now that you know that Module Suite can be your trusted tripe mate in your Cloud transition journey, how do you make it even faster and effective? 

How to smoothly move to the cloud: 3-steps guide


Projects implemented with Module Suite on OT Cloud achieve the same results as those implemented on premises. 

Simply, the new context and permissions and overall new architecture must be taken into consideration in the estimates and design phases of projects, as to allow your end users to have the same experience they would have had on premises. 

Our motto: “Let your users work in the OT Cloud without even realizing they’re no longer on-prem”.


The best way to ensure a smooth Cloud project implementation is to trust in professionals Module Suite expertise and certifications, as well as a deep knowledge of legacy solutions (e.g., WebReports), and previous experience in Cloud projects.

We can gladly rely on a trusted network of partners worldwide that help our mutual customers with their projects and strive hard every day to ensure effective project delivery. 

Also, as part of the A-Team, we can count on our next-door AnswerConsulting colleagues. The fact that Module Suite was the first 3rd party solution to be Cloud certified, led AnswerConsulting to play a frontline and pioneering role in collaborating with the OpenText Cloud team and defining the most powerful approach to best support customers in their Cloud transition.

The same end-to-end approach, that builds the OpenText offering, characterizes the AnswerConsulting’s one as well: From start to finish – and beyond – AnswerConsulting’s experts follow every single step of your Cloud project, ensuring a smooth transition and handling migrations effectively for a successful outcome.


Last but not least, the new environment and roles make it fundamental to have a close collaboration with the OpenText Cloud team – from the early design phases to the final project implementation.

The figure of OT Cloud Architects is essential since the discovery phase and to review the overall architecture, while PS Consultants are specially needed during the release phases of deliverables. Finally, the contribution of the OT Support Team is crucial in enabling and facilitating the investigation of logs and resources that, in the cloud, are not directly available to partners. 

We are grateful for ourexceptional relationship with OpenText. We collaborate closely to bring expertise and exceptional solution value to customers and to always improve our synergy.

Would like to discuss your Cloud project? Click here to book a free 2-hours Cloud Readiness Assessment! The AnswerConsulting Team will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and get you Cloud-ready!

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