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A New Year Message to our Community

A New Year Message to our Community

Our CEO, Patrick Vitali, has shared his thoughts on the key milestones that marked our past year, hoping that this new year will be just as meaningful. ✨

Dear all,

I hope your New Year got off to a great start and I would like to extend my warmest wishes for a 2023 of joy, health and prosperity.

The year 2022 was certainly an important year for us at AnswerModules, full of challenges and hard work that led to important achievements and moments that we had the honor and pleasure to share with our community.

So, I would like to begin 2023 by going over the key milestones that marked our past year, hoping that this new year will be just as meaningful.

“To learn, read – to understand, participate.”

Connecting with our customers to understand their needs and requirements, discussing and exchanging views with our trusted partners – these are all absolutely inspiring and crucial moments for us.

And after a two-year pause, it was really nice to attend the 2022 edition of OpenText World in Las Vegas as an Expert Sponsor and finally meet you in person again. 

But even more valuable was having the chance to organize our AnswerModules User Group event again and see our community from all over Europe gathering in Paris to share their experiences and exchange insights with one another. Once again, I would like to thank all the guests, speakers, and panelists who made this event a real success.

We’ve already gotten down to work to organize this year’s edition. I can’t tell where it will be held yet, but remember… “All roads lead to… AnswerModules!”

A-Team got bigger with AnswerConsulting

As our customer base has grown significantly from year to year, the demand for services to support and assist Module Suite projects has increased. That’s why, to stay focused on our core business, our sister company AnswerConsulting was launched early last year.

The AnswerConsulting team is located right next to the AnswerModules offices and provides professional services related to Module Suite and OpenText Extended ECM & Content Suite.

Innovation, collaboration, and hard work

Thanks to AnswerConsulting, we could devote all our time and resources to what we do best: continuing to improve and innovate our product for the benefit of all Module Suite users.

Also last year, a large part of the R&D team’s work was dedicated to the introduction of important new product features. Among the most significant, first and foremost, definitely Extended ECM for Everything, the feature for further leveraging the Extended ECM platform by facilitating the creation of new connectors to the platform with any leading application, system or data source.

We also released Contract Lifecycle Management. Addressing every phase of a contract, from creation to negotiation all the way to execution and analysis, Contract Lifecycle Management is our end-to-end solution to manage the entire contract lifecycle within Extended ECM.

And when speaking of innovations, the Cloud is no exception: being Module Suite an official OpenText Cloud certified solution, on both VM and containerized deployments, we worked hard to make its installation and configuration on a containerized cloud environment even simpler.

Keep in training with AnswerModules Academy

As we often remark, the fact that Module Suite does not use proprietary language and adopts a low-coding approach is what makes it accessible to a much wider audience.

With minimal training, almost any technical resource can create a form, a dashboard or a multiple-step-workflow on Extended ECM – meanwhile – IT teams can implement any solution or business process, regardless of their complexity and underlying business logic.

In order to facilitate learning and knowledge on Module Suite, we worked hard to extend and expand our traditional in-person and live remote training proposal: The end result is AnswerModules Academy, the official AM Learning Central for the Module Suite technology.

In the portal, which is still evolving and improving, you’ll find our first online on demand training courses on Module Suite components. Hope you find it useful!

Once again this year, we will not fail to fulfill our commitment to work with passion, dedication and commitment to continue to offer the best solutions to our community.

We really look forward to seeing what 2023 has in store. Its beginning is in itself another significant milestone: in fact, this year we celebrate 10 years since Fabio and I founded this company in 2013.

Determination and perseverance never lacked, but if we are here today, it is also and above all thanks to our customers’ trust, the network of exceptional partners we’ve established over the years, the great synergy and collaboration with the various OpenText teams around the world, and of course, thanks to the professionals who work with us every day.

Happy New Year to all again!

Patrick Vitali,

CEO & CTO, AnswerModules

“Approach the New Year with resolve to find the opportunities hidden in each new day” Michael Josephson

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