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4 Reasons to adopt Module Suite

4 Reasons to adopt Module Suite

Module Suite is the only business solution enabler that empowers organizations to rapidly create focused applications and tailored processes on Content Suite. The adoption of Module Suite is coherent with and safeguards an organization’s ECM investments as it allows obtain greater value from Content Suite by expanding the breadth and depth of how it’s utilized.

Reduced TCO

Thanks to the use of industry standard languages and a low-code approach, most developers can become productive with Module Suite in a matter of days and a host of information can be easily found online. The majority of organizations already have internal resources that can start utilizing Module Suite with minimal training, or if necessary, find new resources much easier and with a reduced cost. To further reduce development costs, applications built with Module Suite require virtually no effort when upgrading Content Suite.  

“One of the key factors for choosing Module Suite was the fact that it’s based on a common programming language that is easy to learn and use. This allowed our team to become proficient in roughly one month and has greatly facilitated the expansion of our team in terms of training new resources”

Aziende Industriali di Lugano (AIL) SA

Increase Productivity and Adoption

Module Suite also has the objective of increasing end-user’s productivity and facilitating the adoption of the Content Suite platform. Smart automations, that work in the background, can be implemented regardless of their complexity in order to facilitate end-users’ tasks and greatly reduce human errors. Productivity can further be improved by creating UIs that provide users with only the relevant information and actions that they require. Thanks to the enhanced UX of the applications create with Module Suite, end-users’ satisfaction can dramatically increase and therefore favor a rapid adoption of the solutions.  

“At SCK•CEN we are really going forward with our document management system, boosting the maturity and professionalism of our information governance …. that’s largely thanks to AnswerModules”


Broader Use-Cases

The Module Suite provides organizations with all the tools needed to extend, customize, and enrich their Content Suite. New use-cases on Content Suite can be unlocked by creating tailored processes for unique business needs or by developing a targeted solution to an organization’s specific pain-point. By building bespoke applications, an organization is also able to transfer their processes’ knowledge from the end-users to the system. 

“Seeing that Module Suite’s extent goes far beyond just forms, we have already started scoping out new projects”

Owens-Illinois (O-I)

Agile Development

Adopting an agile development approach has become necessary in order to stay up-to-speed with the various and changing requests coming from the business. The tools contained within Module Suite allow for technical departments to adopt an agile development methodology even when creating applications and processes on Content Suite. This entails that developers can create applications that are 100% aligned with the business needs and deliver them at the speed at which the business needs change.  

“We can now apply the user’s feedback by just changing some lines of code and the results are seen right away”


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