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HR Correspondence Management


Correspondence Management

Module Suite can automate the creation & signature of documents to help take control of your communications

Key Challenges

This sample solution is built around HR communication management. In order to build an efficient process on Content Suite, you must be able to:

Process Walkthrough

This sample solution has been developed to showcase the potential of Module Suite

A must-have for any business

Module Suite is used to build an enhanced communication process on top of Content Suite & Extended ECM in which all official HR communication is standardized, controlled & monitored. In this example, HR can choose from a range of templates that will be automatically populated with users’ specific data. These documents may include:

  • transfer letters
  • promotion/appraisal letters
  • individual contracts & more

Seamless integration with DocuSign means employees can quickly sign their letters regardless of their physical location

Key Features

  • Boosted document manipulation: starting from a template, it’s possible to inject employees’ data in selected portions of the document
  • Automatic generation of a PDF report that includes all documents signed by the employee
  • Tailored Connected Workspace UI: thanks to a custom form embedded in the workspace, users can easily perform the main actions required for the process (select document templates, start e-signature)
  • Custom Menu Buttons (e.g. send for signature) are used to trigger automation with 1 click

The documents are signed via seamless integration with DocuSign Cloud Services.

Signed documents are immediately synchronized back on Content Suite and archived for future reference.

To create an even smoother experience, during the signing ceremony on DocuSign, users are automatically redirected to the appointed signature field.