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Key Challenges

To build this process on Content Suite, you must be able to:

Process Walkthrough

This sample solution has been developed to showcase the potential of Module Suite

Key Features

Forms as part of a great UX

Users involved in a digital process all have a precise goal. Often, the one thing standing between the user and their goal is a form.

In this example, we’ve seen how Module Suite can deliver the most productive form-based UIs to move the process forward…and keep users happy: the information is provided when and where they need it, without jumping back & forth application pages.

  • Actionable Dashboard featuring custom buttons to trigger the process
  • Dynamic Form Wizard reducing data entry & enabling error detection thanks to real-time validation
  • WF Status View: custom filters & role-based menus to improve an otherwise non-customizable interface
  • Approval UI: expense approvers can view all the information they need on one productive page
  • Robust external validation: in this example, the application can verify if users are allowed to enter an expense for the Cost Center that’s been specified in the form
  • Bulk update of workflow data: users can export an Excel for offline editing. Once re-uploaded, the new data will be immediately reflected within the application
  • PDF API: the main outcome of the process is an automatically created PDF that summarizes the request details, e-receipt attachments, and workflow history
  • Optimized records association: Module Suite allows you to define a 1:1 relationship between receipt attachments & expense claims

Module Suite Event Scripts can consolidate multiple workflow steps into one while adding new functions & automation.

In other words, the steps you define in your first workflow sketch will match those to configure inside Content Server. No need for design revisions, unnecessary steps, or workarounds!

Stop compromising, start creating.

Customize, Optimize

Module Suite’s extensive capabilities mean you can tailor any process to your individual needs, no matter how complex they may be.

In this example, you could add more business logic to automatically approve expenses that meet specific criteria.

The possibilities are endless, the outcome is one: streamlining your business!


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