Module Suite forms work wonders with contract automation. Learn how in this sample implementation.

Key Challenges

Drafting routine contracts such as Service Agreements, NDAs, sales quotations etc. can be time-consuming for common employees and the risk is that Legal will have to bear everything on its shoulders.

To streamline this process on Content Suite, you must be able to:

Process Walkthrough

This sample solution has been developed to showcase the potential of Module Suite

Key Features

Module Suite offers all the tools needed to create process-specific features on Content Suite.

Its advanced formsuccessfully guide users throughout the process providing timely information and transferring the know-how from the Legal team to the platform.

Take a look at Module Suite enhancements in details

  • Dynamic tiles to reduce navigation (the Tree View on the left tile surfaces data on the central one, so users don’t have to switch pages)
  • Custom menus for personalized actions. And you can even make them appear within the application space only
  • Pop-up dialog boxes demanding confirmation on selected actions
  • Intuitive forms that leverage familiar tools (e.g. Excel) for the collection of enriched data
  • A unique API that lets you assemble paragraphs into one document
  • Automated forms that can inject data into documents
  • Excel dataset update (simply upload an excel file on the system to update your data in real-time)
  • Layered business logic: to fine-tune the clauses’ selection, Module Suite can integrate more filters based on categories (e.g. language, country) or even dynamic rules (e.g. if service fees exceed “X”, add a new clause to the contract)
  • A totally custom Workflow UI crafted with Module Suite forms
  • Complex routing, simplified design: Module Suite can create multi-level workflows (one approval flow per contract type) while keeping the WF design simple & clear to improve maintainability
  • Enabling business users to define ad-hoc approvals on-the-fly
  • Microsoft Word Tracked Changes can be surfaced in the comment section of the workflow

Designed for Flexibility

Unlike other solutions on the market that offer limited configuration-based features, Module Suite is a truly Agile framework.

This means its enhancements are created through a (low-coding) configuration but remain 100% customizable with any possible logic