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Key Challenges

This sample Case Management App is built around employee onboarding. Typically, this process includes various activities from the delivery of electronic documents, to the assignment of IT credentials and tools.

To build an efficient solution, you must be able to:

Process Walkthrough

This sample solution has been developed to showcase the potential of Module Suite

Key Features

Case Management is fast & easy when you can tailor the process to how you work.

Customizable task lists, configurable KPIs, dynamic checklists, and more…using Module Suite you can build smart solutions to tackle any case management scenario and achieve new levels of efficiency.

  • Dynamic Forms with robust validation to ensure data accuracy at all times
  • Automatic generation of Connected Workspaces & their elements (task lists, folders, members & business relationships)
  • Custom emails to send users relevant information when they need it
  • Enhanced document manipulation to inject specific data in selected paragraphs
  • Two-way synchronization with any external source for read/write operations
  • The most flexible connector for DocuSign allowing you to track DocuSign envelopes from within Content Suite
  • 100% customizable Smart View to give full control over the solution’s design
  • Custom searches embedded in the Smart View
  • Analytical charts powered by Module Suite’s data processing 
  • On-page document previews
  • Intuitive forms to help business users manage / configure task lists


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