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Join the A-Revolution

With the occasion of celebrating the 10th AnswerModules anniversary, we decided to give a new look to the A-Group by redesigning our A-logos. And here is the result!

While leaving the rest of the logo more neutral and simpler, we had fun playing with the main pictogram, the A symbol of our group, which has been stylized and transformed to include and blend all the distinctive signs that characterize us. 

☑️ You can clearly see the checkmark icon, a hallmark of response, of correct answer… what we strive to do every day by providing you with the best ECM solutions to meet your business requirements. Our A-pictogram is also meant to remind us of the mouse pointer, perhaps the symbol par excellence of digital transformation and digitization. 💻

↗️ At the same time, it is also an arrow darting upward, just like our aspiration to always improve ourselves, aiming high, overcoming our limits. 

🚀 Our distinctive red color, which has always been a symbol of speed and acceleration, was then toned down and enriched with nuances, to better enhance and express Module Suite’s role as the ultimate digital transformation enabler and accelerator for OpenText Extended ECM.

Over the past 10 years, we have always done our best to provide you with the best ECM solutions and to respond to your business requirements in order to digitize your business processes and create tailored solutions, thus accelerating your digital transformation initiatives on OpenText Extended ECM.

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