Sample process

On-Site Inspection

Report and initiate a maintenance process directly on Extended ECM from a mobile device

Key Challenges

Organizations need an efficient solution to let field workers collect information and start a maintenance process without having to fill in countless paper forms or share information only once back in the office.

To streamline this process on Extended ECM, there some key elements to consider:

  • enable users to fill-out Extended ECM forms during inspections from anywhere, on any device, even offline, in order to get rid of paper or scanned documents
  • seamlessly manage processes and tasks between field workers and office workers
  • automatically create a Business Workspace, as well as initiating and progressing maintenance workflows

Process Walkthrough

This sample solution has been developed to showcase the potential of Module Suite

Form on a mobile device

The Inspector doesn’t need anything but an internet connection to download the form application to their mobile device


Reporting a new issue

During an inspection, the Inspector uses the form to report a new issue. Being online will no longer be a prerequisite for the Inspector, whom will be able to complete the form even in off-line mode


Completing the form

From a drop-down menu showing the available projects, the Inspector selects the project for which they need to signal the issue and starts completing the form with all the relevant details


Adding attachments

Content can be easily added either by leveraging the device’s native tools (camera, QR scanning, GPS etc.) or by uploading photos, videos, and documents


Submission of the form while offline

After adding a short description about the issue, the form can be submitted. If offline, data will be preserved and synchronized to Extended ECM once connectivity is restored. 


Generating the Business Workspace

The submission of the form will trigger a maintenance process on Extended ECM, which also includes the automatic creation of a new Business Workspace


Workspace Details

The Business Workspace shows all details of the issue collected by the Inspector and the current status of the workflow (Open)


Assigning the issue

The Maintenance Manager can check the status of the issue, dismiss, or assign it to a Maintenance Worker


Task assigned 

Once assigned, the inspection status will then automatically change to “In Progress”


Syncing the assigned issues

The Maintenance Worker downloads the related form on their mobile device and syncs the issues that have been assigned to them


Consulting attachments

The Maintenance Worker can easily view and consult the attachments previously uploaded by the Inspector


Attaching documents

The Maintenance Worker can also attach content (ex: images) to document the work being performed


Providing feeback

The Maintenance Worker adds information about the issue resolution and submits the form. Once again, if there’s no Internet connection, data will be preserved and synchronized to Extended ECM once back online


Process finished

The issue status will then be updated to “Closed”


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Key Features

By leveraging Progressive Web Application (PWA), Module Suite lets you create secure mobile forms that allow workers usually working in the field to be included and take actively part in digital processes.

Module Suite can be adopted by any business industry where on-site operations are important daily tasks (incident reporting, SOP checklist, maintenance process and many others…)

Take a look at the enhancements provided by Module Suite:

  • Mobile Forms that can be used by workers to collect information in the field while leveraging device’s functions for data entry (ex: camera, video, scanning, etc.)
  • Automatic generation of Business Workspaces & their elements (status, report details, attachments and members) after the submission of a form
  • Offline pending submissions automatically synchronized on Extended ECM once connectivity is restored
  • On Mobile Forms: drop down menus to rapidly select the project for which information should be provided; attachments that can be simply previewed on the mobile device without having to download them.
  • On Extended ECM platform: user-friendly dashboard displaying all inspections with their associated status; process status that can be easily viewed to check the progress of the maintenance process