Sample process

Factory Line Management

Module Suite Forms can act as catalysts for data processing and business intelligence. Learn how in this sample development

Key Challenges

What makes a good Factory Line Management solution? In short, informative dashboards backed by custom automation.

This example will show how Module Suite can help you deliver Business Intelligence features on your ECM platform by tackling these challenges:

  • Collecting & archiving production data via user-friendly tools
  • Implementing real-time incident reporting
  • Building dynamic dashboards to supervise line productivity & other KPIs
Factory Line Management on OpenText Content Suite

Process Walkthrough

This sample solution has been developed to showcase the potential of Module Suite

Managerial Dashboard
A functional UI presents all production shifts sorted by most recent. Additional filters can be applied (by date, status, production line...) while the dynamic charts on the left show real-time production statistics


Organizing the Shift
The Shift Lead can complete a detailed form to gather all relevant production data. Forms can be associated to every shift and production line. The requested information can range from: working hours, production data, number of incidents to any custom field


Shift Validation
When the shift is over, the Shift Lead can validate the form by signing it off digitally. A PDF document is created on-the-fly and archived as a record inside the application


Analyzing Production Data
Analytics are based on collected data and processed by Content Script’s predefined rules. Statistics are surfaced in the form of dynamic charts within the main dashboard


Featured Technical Recipes

Discover how to build this sample process with the Module Suite

One form, multiple purposes

Module Suite forms are so great because they can serve a variety of use cases, from creating user-friendly views, to processing data.

Moreover, thanks to their advanced technology, forms can be designed to match individual needs and include strong validation logic to minimize human errors

Key Features

  • Real-time generation of a PDF report based on specific data
  • Custom analytics are calculated over form data and processed with Module Suite Content Script, the first native scripting engine for OpenText Content Suite
  • Enhanced forms with robust validation allowing for total control of the collected data
  • Forms are seamlessly integrated into the Smart UI tiles
  • Custom search capabilities are embedded directly in the main dashboard
  • Charts & graphs widgets to build analytical dashboards