Sample process

Contract Automation

Module Suite forms work wonders with contract automation. Learn how in this sample implementation.

Key Challenges

Drafting routine contracts such as Service Agreements, NDAs, sales quotations etc. can be time-consuming for common employees and the risk is that Legal will have to bear everything on its shoulders.

To streamline this process on Content Suite, you must be able to:

  • Automate document composition, defining how to assemble standard clauses and integrate contract-specific info
  • Empower non-expert users to generate drafts autonomously
  • Manage the clauses lifecycle to ensure their correctness to end-users

Process Walkthrough

This sample solution has been developed to showcase the potential of Module Suite

Functional Dashboard
Users can access all relevant content through a user-friendly interface showcasing contract folders (Drafts, Under Approval, Final), contract templates, user guide & status chart


Generating Contracts
An advanced Form allows users to provide specific information which will be injected in the final contract. The Form can be designed according to individual business needs


Intuitive Data Entry
Data-entry is always guided to ensure integrity. Part of the fields in the form are automatically initialized through predefined business rules (e.g. Customer details can be looked up from the local database)


Familiar Editors
Module Suite’s Beautiful WebForms comes with a wide range of built-in widgets, including rich text editors that can be used to add specific paragraphs, or spreadsheets that are perfect for defining a breakdown of the activities and related costs


Document Parts
The core section of the process where users can select the pre-approved clauses that will be merged in the final Word document. A dedicated search panel allows to select additional paragraphs from the system repository


Contract Generation
Upon submission of the form, the contract draft is generated in MS Office Word format, so it will be possible for users to apply further changes and revisions during the review process


Approval Workflow
A workflow can be started from the newly created draft. The workflow can be designed with the utmost flexibility to include every stakeholder & process step needed


Task Assignment
An overview of the workflow status can be seen through a dedicated dashboard within the “Under Approval” folder. Steps assigned to the user can be accessed directly from the task list


Providing Feedback
Review steps are managed within a single-page form, where users can provide all necessary input (comments, additional attachments…). Any change to the document can be directly tracked inside the comment section


Custom Menu Items
Another way to generate contracts is to open the folder of a specific template and select the preferred clauses. By clicking on a configurable menu item, the contract will be automatically generated


DocuSign Integration
When applicable, the approved contract can be sent for signature to the addressee specified in the document. Again, this operation requires 1 click thanks to a custom menu item


Featured Technical Recipes

Learn how to build this sample process with Module Suite

Key Features

Module Suite offers all the tools needed to create process-specific features on Content Suite.

Its advanced forms successfully guide users throughout the process providing timely information and transferring the know-how from the Legal team to the platform.

Take a look at Module Suite enhancements in details

  • Dynamic tiles to reduce navigation (the Tree View on the left tile surfaces data on the central one, so users don't have to switch pages)
  • Custom menus for personalized actions. And you can even make them appear within the application space only
  • Pop-up dialog boxes demanding confirmation on selected actions
  • Intuitive forms that leverage familiar tools (e.g. Excel) for the collection of enriched data
  • A unique API that lets you assemble paragraphs into one document
  • Automated forms that can inject data into documents
  • Excel dataset update (simply upload an excel file on the system to update your data in real-time)
  • Layered business logic: to fine-tune the clauses' selection, Module Suite can integrate more filters based on categories (e.g. language, country) or even dynamic rules (e.g. if service fees exceed “X”, add a new clause to the contract)
  • A totally custom Workflow UI crafted with Module Suite forms
  • Complex routing, simplified design: Module Suite can create multi-level workflows (one approval flow per contract type) while keeping the WF design simple & clear to improve maintainability
  • Enabling business users to define ad-hoc approvals on-the-fly
  • Microsoft Word Tracked Changes can be surfaced in the comment section of the workflow

Designed for Flexibility

Unlike other solutions on the market that offer limited configuration-based features, Module Suite is a truly Agile framework.

This means its enhancements are created through a (low-coding) configuration but remain 100% customizable with any possible logic