Sample process

Construction Project Transmittal

Automate transmittal processes on Content Suite & Extended ECM

Key Challenges

Construction documents like contracts, notices, and plans, should include a transmittal letter to show when, where and who the documents were sent to.

With this sample process, users can easily create new transmittals within Extended ECM, as well as keep track of the communications sent and received between the parties involved in the construction project.

To streamline such a process on Extended ECM, the key is to:

  • Enable users to create new transmittals complete with all the relevant details (related project, attachments, recipient, actions required by the recipient, due date etc.)
  • Automatically generate a Business Workspaces after the submission of a form
  • Flawlessly send transmittal documents to external users
  • When necessary, request a formal confirmation of receipt that will be automatically uploaded on Extended ECM once signed

Process Walkthrough

This sample solution has been developed to showcase the potential of Module Suite

Functional dashboard

The homepage shows the current transmittals and some useful details about them (related project, date, transmittal number etc.)


Transmittal by status

Transmittals can also be viewed according to their status (“draft”, “sent”, “completed”)


Enhanced searches

The main dashboard can be filtered via an advanced form to search for a transmittal


Creating a new transmittal

From the main dashboard, business users can create a new transmittal. A form will guide them through the information to be provided (transmittal subject and body, recipients, related project, actions requested to the recipient).


Requesting a confirmation of receipt

If a formal confirmation of receipt is needed for one or multiple recipients, the business user can tick the checkbox “Send for signature”


Including attachments

Attachments can also be included. According to the type of project selected, dynamic fields will be displayed to show the associated documents that can be attached. 


Generating the Business Workspace

Upon submission of the form, a new Business Workspace will be automatically created. This will include transmittal details, current status (draft), as well as the attached documents


Sending the transmittal to the recipients

Once ready, the business user can send it to the selected recipients. The transmittal status will then turn to “Sent”.


Signing for receipt 

The recipient, whose acknowledgment of receipt is required, will receive a formal communication to sign for receipt


Receiving the transmittal

The recipient will also receive the transmittal by email with all the details and related attachments


Closing the transmittal

The signed receipt will be automatically uploaded on the Business Workspace. Once completed, the transmittal will be closed and its status updated


Transmittals within Project

From the transmittal Business Workspace, business users can directly access the Business Workspace of the associated project. From the relevant transmittal section, users can view: the documents of the specific project, the document versions attached to the transmittal, transmittal list for the project (easily exportable in different formats). Users can also create a new transmittal


Featured Technical Recipes

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Key Features

  • Automatic generation of Business Workspaces & their elements (status, transmittal details, attachments and recipients) after the submission of a form
  • Dynamic forms to help business users attach the relevant documents, according to the project selected
  • 100% customizable Smart View to give full control over the solution’s design
  • Custom searches embedded in the Smart View
  • Analytical charts powered by Module Suite’s data processing
  • Integrate Extended ECM with your preferred signature tool exposing SOAP Web Services or REST APIs, in order to send the acknowledgement receipts that will be automatically uploaded on Extended ECM once signed