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Case Management

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OpenText Case management

Key Challenges

This sample Case Management App is built around employee onboarding. Typically, this process includes various activities from the delivery of electronic documents, to the assignment of IT credentials and tools.

To build an efficient solution, you must be able to:

  • distribute tasks efficiently across teams (HR, IT)
  • enable dynamic task lists in Connected Workspaces
  • create user-friendly views to monitor progress
  • integrate external sources (e.g. ERP for master employee data)
OpenText Case Management

Process Walkthrough

This sample solution has been developed to showcase the potential of Module Suite

OpenText Connected Workspaces

Actionable Dashboard

The homepage shows current onboarding processes and some useful statistics

OpenText Connected Workspaces Dashboard

Enhanced Searches

The view can be filtered via a custom form allowing selective searches

OpenText Connected Workspaces

Process View

HR can also view employees' cases by each stage of the process. In this example, there are 4 macro levels to complete

OpenText Connected Workspaces

Custom Analytics 

HR can also access global onboarding statistics and define several KPIs to monitor the process

OpenText Connected Workspaces

Registering a new employee

A form opens directly on-page to register a new employee. Form fields can be adapted to specific job levels and employee data can be fetched from external sources

OpenText Connected Workspaces

Generating the Connected Workspace

Upon submission, a new Connected Workspace is generated automatically. This will include the team members too and the specific onboarding tasks to carry out

OpenText Connected Workspaces

Workspace Documents

The employee's documents have been added automatically to the workspace folders. HR can easily preview each file on-page thanks to an intuitive pdf viewer

OpenText Connected Workspaces

Managing the tasklist

The process is segmented by key milestones and sub-tasks. Based on the identified priority, appointed users can choose to complete the task immediately or put it on hold.

OpenText Connected Workspaces

Working on Tasks

Completing tasks is extremely intuitive thanks to an advanced form that guides users on the type of documents or actions needed. Users can simply drag & drop the document in its corresponding placeholder. An alert message will appear if any obligatory document is missing to prevent errors in the process.

OpenText Connected Workspaces

Moving along the tasklist

After completing a task, users are redirected to the required activities. In this example, IT credentials preparation is next

OpenTeyt Connected Workspaces

Managing Tasks across Departments

Once again, a guided procedure appears on a form. In this view, HR can easily review and validate the required benefits, tools, and software that the new employee will need. After clicking on "Create Credentials" a custom workflow is triggered to inform IT about the new activity.

OpenText Connected Workspaces

Dynamic UIs

A workflow map will appear on the form. This way, HR users are able to check the progress of the activities related to the other team. Any other action will be temporarily disabled.

OpenText Connected Workspaces

Automatic Credentials Set-up

IT users will receive an email linking to their specific tasks. Thanks to Module Suite's unique integrations, they will be able to automatically create user profiles on the target systems via a custom menu ("Synchronize").

OpenText Connected Workspaces

DocuSign Integration

After the assignments of tools, credentials, security levels the new employee & his manager will receive a summary document to sign and accept via DocuSign.

OpenText Connected Workspaces

Keeping Teams informed

HR can follow the e-signature workflow directly from the task view on Content Suite


Drafting Additional Documents

The employee's manager is in charge of preparing specific communication such as the welcome email. He can choose from a list of provided document templates that he can easily personalize via an Office Editor if needed

OpenText Connected Workspaces

Documents Tree View

Whenever a document is finalized, the system will add it under the employee's workspace documentation

OpenText Connected Workspaces

Handing out Documentation

As the last step, the system will send all documents by email to the new employee


Configuration Panel

Business users can easily manage task lists and milestones per job grade thanks to an intuitive settings page


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Key Features

Case Management is fast & easy when you can tailor the process to how you work.

Customizable task lists, configurable KPIs, dynamic checklists, and more...using Module Suite you can build smart solutions to tackle any case management scenario and achieve new levels of efficiency.

  • Dynamic Forms with robust validation to ensure data accuracy at all times
  • Automatic generation of Connected Workspaces & their elements (task lists, folders, members & business relationships)
  • Custom emails to send users relevant information when they need it
  • Enhanced document manipulation to inject specific data in selected paragraphs
  • Two-way synchronization with any external source for read/write operations
  • The most flexible connector for DocuSign allowing you to track DocuSign envelopes from within Content Suite
  • 100% customizable Smart View to give full control over the solution’s design
  • Custom searches embedded in the Smart View
  • Analytical charts powered by Module Suite’s data processing 
  • On-page document previews
  • Intuitive forms to help business users manage / configure task lists