Construction Project Transmittal



Automate transmittal processes on Content
Suite & Extended ECM

Automate transmittal processes on Content Suite & Extended ECM

Key Challenges

Construction documents like contracts, notices, and plans, should include a transmittal letter to show when, where and who the documents were sent to.

With this sample process, users can easily create new transmittals within Extended ECM, as well as keep track of the communications sent and received between the parties involved in the construction project.

To streamline such a process on Extended ECM, the key is to:

Process Walkthrough

This sample solution has been developed to showcase the potential of Module Suite

Key Features

  • Automatic generation of Business Workspaces & their elements (status, transmittal details, attachments and recipients) after the submission of a form
  • Dynamic forms to help business users attach the relevant documents, according to the project selected
  • 100% customizable Smart View to give full control over the solution’s design
  • Custom searches embedded in the Smart View
  • Analytical charts powered by Module Suite’s data processing
  • Integrate Extended ECM with your preferred signature tool exposing SOAP Web Services or REST APIs, in order to send the acknowledgement receipts that will be automatically uploaded on Extended ECM once signed